At Orbrys, we appreciate that doing business internationally may bring challenges from a legal, tax and operational perspective, but also in the understanding of diverse business cultures.

Our professionals take ownership of the entire assignment from our clients, advising them on the most adequate legal and tax strategy throughout the lifecycle of the project, being mindful of the communication and relational aspects of any human endeavour.

Our aim is to get to know our clients’ business and values and ensure we match those characteristics to the group of professionals we assign to our client, depending on the specific needs of our clients and the profile of a project.

Based on the profile of the assignment we create a mix of local and remote support with a view to achieving the most cost effective and efficient solution. Where appropriate, we aim at offering flexible and mobile solutions, often acting as an interpreter and translator of the local business culture and the legal and tax considerations.

We understand that the most effective way of developing business internationally is to ensure that professionals are able to move across borders and adapt in the different countries and cultures where they operate.

We are convinced that avoiding segmentation of professional services into local practices that are culturally isolated, often with little international outlook and lacking in multicultural experience, is the key to the success of a cross-border project.

We aim at providing a personalised service. We strongly believe that the key to successful business is building the right relationship with your partners, especially your professional advisers.